Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Miss Hollywood Comes for Tea

This morning, Aunt Fufa did Kelsey's hair. Pretty cute I might add. Well, today I received a picture from daycare entitled "Miss Hollywood Comes for Tea." It was so cute I had to post it.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Crazy Tragic Aweful Beautiful Life

Things have been amazingly busy in the Cobb household the past few months. To summarize:

-Kelsey has had bronchitis, strep, pink eye in both eyes and we changed day cares!
-I've been really sick with allergies and strep and a little bout of pink eye.
-Andrew quit his job to go to school full time and got a part-time job
-We sold our first "Home"
-We bought a home
-Andrew and I both had our identities severely compromised
-Hmmm, we'll leave it at that.

Those were the big unfortunate points of our lives recently. But the optimistic approach is that God saw to it and we survived all of it. I am now hoping to have things settle down a little bit and have a somewhat normal life again.

Kelsey is now 19 months old, see pics below. She is a doll but we are going through some rough stages right now. She loves being upset when mommies around, it's almost unbearable. She lives in a world where everything is purple to her :), likes to drink the bathwater, and does her best to annoy Alice everyday! Her current phrases are, "What's that?" "No" "No No..(fill in name)" "Outside" "Mine." She loves to list everyone in the family and she will occasionally through in her best friend Abbi.  She is absolutely the best thing ever!

As Darryl Worley say, "I love this crazy tragic sometimes almost magic awful beautiful life."

Monday, March 15, 2010

Evil Baby

It's been a while. Kelsey is up and about, running around the house now. She has officially had her first major ouwie! She fell at daycare and scraped her chin and mouth pretty good. As excepted she lived. She went to the Dr the other day and weighs 24 pounds and is 30" long. She is talking all the time and loves to mimic and make animal sounds!

Currently, we are in the process of selling our home. We have a contract but are pending inspections and closing. If all goes well we have to be out by June 30th. So, keep your fingers crossed.

Below are some pics of our "evil baby." She always seems to make us laugh. The following is a picture snap from a video and one of her at daycare.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Finally Posted

So it's been awhile. Sorry! I lost my card reader. The following are pictures from Kelsey's birthday. She turned 1 on Nov. 21st. We had a birthday party in Evansville and Nashville.

Soon after came Thanksgiving we celebrated with family in KY and then back in IN. Then the weekend after we celebrated in TN. Busy but fun. Below you'll see pics of our family as well as Kelsey's Nana Cobb and Auntie Anne.

Then came Christmas, which was a blast. Kelsey learned to walk with a walker toy but we are still working on her walking by herself.  See pics below of Christmas morning with Andrew, Kelsey and I.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

All Hallows Eve!

Quack Quack! Who's that? It's a duck; no it's Kelsey! Kelsey's first Halloween was lots of fun. We went to her grandparents house, great grandpa's and then back home to trick or treat. She enjoyed some mini M&Ms and read many spooky Halloween books with her Aunt Jennifer. It was a great Halloween, that is until all my gourds were stolen. Oh-well! Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall Festival and Goebel Farm Re-Deux

This weekend the Jones' (Erik and Jennifer) joined us in Evansville for some family fun. We went to Goebel Farm again, so Uncle Erik and Aunt Jenn could get some gourds. There we played with the farm puppies, well they were like 125 lb labs, but puppies to Kelsey. She had a blast. She played and touched all the various gourds. I am glad we went again. She didn't have fun last weekend when we went. So, it was definently worth the additional trip!

Above are some pictures from the Fall Festival that the Cobb's and Jones' went to this weekend. We tried a walking taco and deep fried bacon. Kelsey tried a gyro and LOVED it. We also ate a funnel cake, texas tenderloin (pictured above), pronto pup (corn dog with pancake vs. corn meal), gyro, and an elephant ear (deep fried tortilla with cinnamon and sugar). I know what you're thinking, "man that's a lot of grease." And yes, you're right. But it was ooohhh so good! We look forward to the Fall Festival every year. Everyone gets together to support over 100 non-profits in some good eatin' fun.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Kelsey had her first experience with playdough today. I don't think she knows exactly what to think! It also appears daddy didn't do her hair. Ha! She looks awfully cute though! She is getting so big!